Poland ranks third both from the top and the bottom
Poland's performance in the 2022 Health for Money Index stands out as one of the most intriguing findings. It highlights the importance of analyzing both nominal results and spending efficiency. In the nominal ranking, Poland finds itself placed third from the bottom, surpassing only Slovakia and La...
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France and Germany spend a lot – inefficiently
When we think of France and Germany in terms of living standards, we typically envision prosperous, developed countries with efficient public services. However, the findings from the 2022 Health for Money Index paint a different picture. Both Germany and France allocate substantial portions of their...
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All Nordic countries rank in the top 10 of nominal results
The Nordic countries – Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland – showcased outstanding performance in the achieved nominal results of the 2022 Health for Money ranking. All of these countries secured positions within the top 10. Sweden achieved the highest result, securing the top spot amo...
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Health 4 Money: New portal
The Health 4 Money index will be hosted on a dedicated portal health4money.org with expected launch in spring 2023....
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INESS Publishes Health for Money 2020
After a successful first run in 2019, the INESS Institute published the 2020 international healthcare ranking Health for Money. The rankings follow 23 various indicators including life expectancy, maternal mortality, the consumption of antibiotics, the number of cancer-related deaths, the number of ...
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INESS Publishes New Index: Health for Money 2019
Which healthcare system in Europe provides the best value for money? Rankings of healthcare systems are rare, and those which would rate value for money for a long time have been non-existent. Institute of Economic and Social Studies (INESS) created a brand new index called Health for Money, which r...
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