All Nordic countries rank in the top 10 of nominal results

The Nordic countries – Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland – showcased outstanding performance in the achieved nominal results of the 2022 Health for Money ranking. All of these countries secured positions within the top 10.

Sweden achieved the highest result, securing the top spot among the 26 examined countries with an impressive score of 16.1. Another Nordic country, Norway, also performed exceptionally well, ranking third with a score of 15.8. Denmark, Finland, and Iceland claimed the sixth, seventh, and eighth positions respectively, with scores ranging from 13.7 to 14.2.

Despite the positive outcomes, the Nordic countries do not enjoy comparable rankings in the Health for Money Index, which assesses the spending efficiency of the 26 countries. Among the Nordic nations, only Finland secures a place in the top 10 as one of the most efficient countries, ranking tenth. Iceland also achieves a respectable position, finishing in the upper half of the ranking at thirteenth place.

Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, on the other hand, exhibited spending efficiency below the average. Denmark occupies the sixteenth spot, showing a slightly better performance than Sweden in the seventeenth place. Meanwhile, Norway ranks twenty-third, surpassing only Germany, Switzerland, and France in terms of efficiency.

The Nordic countries have undoubtedly achieved success in ensuring the good health of their populations. Nevertheless, the relatively lower rankings in the Health for Money Index suggest that there are other countries that excel in extracting maximum value from each euro spent.

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