Poland ranks third both from the top and the bottom

Poland's performance in the 2022 Health for Money Index stands out as one of the most intriguing findings. It highlights the importance of analyzing both nominal results and spending efficiency.

In the nominal ranking, Poland finds itself placed third from the bottom, surpassing only Slovakia and Latvia. With a score of 8.3, Poland's performance accounts for just slightly over 50% of the score achieved by Sweden, the country leading in nominal results.

However, in terms of spending efficiency (Health for Money Index), Poland emerges as the third-best performer, surpassed only by Italy in first place and Estonia in second. This ranking is attributed to Poland's relatively low public expenditures on healthcare, accounting for just 6.59% of its GDP, which is the second lowest among the countries analyzed. Consequently, Poland's health expenditure per capita was also notably low, reaching a mere 906.09€, making it the lowest among the 26 countries examined.

Thus, these two contrasting analytical perspectives yield significantly divergent outcomes. On one hand, Poland's below-average health outcomes in absolute terms are attributed to its limited public expenditure. However, although Poland's results may fall toward the lower end of the spectrum, they do not represent an extreme outlier. Consequently, Poland's spending efficiency stands out as one of the most notable among the countries under examination, achieving a well-above-average value for every euro spent.

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